Sisters and Attorneys

Since its inception our law firm has focused on estate planning for adults of all ages, non-litigation estate administration, and legal counseling for caregivers. We thank you for voting our firm the 2014 Gold Award for Best Attorney in the East Region seven of the past nine years! Attorneys Elizabeth A. Burkett and Susan A. Burkett

What to Expect

Estate planning, at its core, prepares and protects clients and their loved ones. In non-litigation estate administration, we assist executors, administrators and trustees with legal matters after the death of a loved one. We counsel caregivers who provide care for a loved one.

Our Tree Logo

Our tree logo represents strength and protection, because many of our estate planning clients wish to protect themselves and their loved ones. Because a tree lives for generations, the tree also symbolizes a legacy, which is important for many of our estate administration clients. Finally, our logo honors our shared “family tree.”

Voted Best Attorneys

  • 2014 gold ribbon
  • 2013 gold ribbon
  • 2013 silver ribbon
  • 2012 gold ribbon
  • 2010 gold ribbon